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Tag Archives: Know Yourself that You May Know God

Know Yourself that You May Know God

Geri and I spent time last summer with Onnuri Church and her 75,000 people in Seoul, Korea. Yes, 75,000 people! They also have over 800 people serving around the world, a 650+ student seminary training leaders in both Korean and English, and a high-quality CGNTV station that equips missionaries around the world.   We did an Emotionally Healthy Leaders Conference for pastors from around South Korea as well as their staff. Yet we left them, I believe, having received many more blessings than we gave. Onnuri is an amazing church with a godly, humble Senior Pastor – Jaehoon Lee. (I do not use the word amazing lightly). We look forward to doing a Part 2 of EHS with them next summer. They published an excellent article based on an interview they did with us entitled: Know Yourself that You May Know God. We felt it was so well done and perceptive that we wanted. Read more.