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The Power of the Genogram

The “Genogram Your Family” tool is one of the pivotal tools we use at New Life Fellowship Church for deep, beneath the surface transformation. Jonathan Walton shared this poem at our Sunday services on July 20th about the profound impact the genogram had on his life.  Enjoy!  – Pete     Poem – by Jonathan Walton  Poetry is my releasemy shield from all griefmy refuge to which I retreat when this world is too much for mePhrases on pages are the language my mind speaksmetaphors and similespoetic elements I just breathe. My name is Jonathan Walton and I want to tell you about my genogram. A Genogram is a map of our family looking back.We take note of the values and stakeholdsThe do’s and don’ts of our householdsof our culturesAnd then you compare it to the Gospel.Because there are some things our family hold dear that don’t agree withthe family of JesusIn fact there are some actions. Read more.