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Tag Archives: Emotionally Healthy Leader Conference

The 4 Questions of Emotionally Healthy Supervision

Every year at our Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference I am asked: “How is supervision in an emotionally healthy church different? What makes it distinct?” In emotionally healthy teams, role expectations are openly talked about and agreed upon. We evaluate how we are doing. But that is not enough. How people care for their inner lives is also important. The question is, “How important?” The answer is: “Very important.” Minimally transformed leaders will always result in minimally transformed teams doing minimally transforming ministry. How could we expect it to be any other way? As a result, there are four areas that we ask about on a regular basis: 1. How is your walk with Jesus? In other words, tell me about your rhythms of being with God and doing for God. How are you living out of your Rule of Life in this season? How has God been coming to you? I was so blessed. Read more.

2016 EH Leadership Conference Now Available on Video

Our annual Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference is the most comprehensive immersion experience we offer for pastors and leaders who want to implement EHS into their churches. I believe this past year, in particular, was our best to date. To keep this conference at the highest possible quality, we limit the number of participants to 350 people. (Many others, of course, participate via Live Streaming.) Yet thanks to modern technology, we can now make available the entire 2016 Conference to any person in the world who has access to a computer! So for the next 7 days, the 2016 EH Leadership Conference is available on digital download for $49.99. That is 50% off the regular $99.99 price. This 2016 EHL Conference download pack includes: All 8 EHL Conference Sessions Jesus’ Upside Down Spirituality Leadership that Goes Back to Go Forward Differentiation Applied: Climb the Ladder of Integrity Developing Mature Organizational Culture and Teams Slowing Down. Read more.

EH Leader Podcast: Embracing Silence

I seriously embraced the spiritual practice of silence 13 years ago, and my relationship with Jesus began to deepen and widen in ways that I never could have imagined. This podcast is our invitation to you to seriously consider deepening your practice of being still before Him (Ps. 37:7). For as Isaac of Nineveh (7th century) said so eloquently:  If you love truth, be a lover of silence.  It brings you a fruit that tongues cannot describe.  In the beginning we have to force ourselves to be silent. But then, a certain sweetness is born in the heart and the body is drawn almost by force to remain in silence.  Click the video below to watch or the link to listen to the audio file. LISTEN HERE