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Tag Archives: Colombia and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

2015 EH Leadership Conference Video Downloads

The 2015 Emotionally Healthy Leadership Conference was attended by over 350 church leaders from around the world and thousands others joined online to experience this dynamic 2-day leadership event. For the next 48 hours, The 2015 EH Leadership Conference is available on digital download for $25. That’s 75% off the regular $100 price. We invite you and your team to experience the leadership conference again or for the first time! The 2015 EHL Conference download pack includes 7 video sessions covering core leadership themes based on the soon to be released The Emotionally Healthy Leader including: Planning and Decision making Culture and Team Building Power and Wise Boundaries Endings and New Beginnings You will hear how our leadership is directly informed and connected to our inner life with Christ. Also included are the complete 26-page conference participants notes to help guide you through each session. What you do matters.  Who you are matters more.

The Emotionally Unhealthy Leader

This is the first of 9 podcasts we will be doing on The Emotionally Healthy Leader book that will be released on June 30th. It is entitled – “The Emotionally Unhealthy Leader.” Each of these podcasts will offer a summary of the critical points for leadership teams to discuss of the selected theme. Don’t worry, we are not changing the name of our podcast!  We do want to address some critical issues among leaders though as we must first understand what makes up an Emotionally UnHealthy Leader so that we can work to become Emotionally Healthy Leaders.  Pete Scazzero and Rich Villodas dig into this great conversation discussing much of the foundation of Pete’s soon to be released book, Emotionally Healthy Leader.   Click the video image below to watch the interview on YouTube or the button below to listen on iTunes. Enjoy. -Pete

Two Amazing Women

While speaking to pastors and leaders in Armenia, Colombia this week, I was introduced to two amazing women pastors whom you can meet in this photo below: Edelmira Sanchez, the woman on my left, a married mom with 6 children lives in a town near Cali, Colombia. She was a leader in their Christian and Missionary Alliance church in 2006 when a paramilitary group assassinated their senior pastor. (The church is located in an area with significant guerrilla activity).  She became the senior pastor in his place. Then the same people that killed her pastor threatened her. She was afraid but remained. She told me the story of when they arrived in the church with their guns to reinforce their point.  She refused to be intimidated. The church has grown to more than 600 people under her leadership and has built a foundation to serve over 350 orphans in their area. They have also. Read more.

12 Foundational Tenets to EHS

These are my further reflections , and changes, on  the theological underpinnings and foundations for what it means to integrate emotionally healthy spirituality into our lives and the people we serve. It is much more than simply doing the small group material, Daily Offices, or the church-wide initiative. That is simply a beginning. A larger, more expansive training along the lines of the twelve points listed below. Over the next few weeks, I will blog on each and their implications for us. 1. Theology– We must root our lives and churches in the living Jesus who is God Almighty as revealed in Scripture by the Holy Spirit.  We are first and foremost about practices biblically rooted. We take seriously the model of the early church fathers (e.g. Ignatius of Antioch, Athanasius, Cyril of Alexandria, Basil, Gregory the Great, Augustine, Iraneus and others) who were leaders of local churches or bishops, theologians who studied Scripture. Read more.