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Rest and the Double Life

Posted on October 9th, 2008

Last Sunday I preached on “Rest: Learning from Jesus” (John 12:1-8). I loved preparing, praying, thinking, and delivering it. I felt exhilarated when it was over. My schedule was relaxed after church. I met with a single mom and a couple of others congregants and visitors. I then realized I could make my 14 year old daughter’s soccer game. Geri and I generally take turns and I had been at Saturday’s game, but I thought it would be great to surprise them both. So I got into my car and began driving like a maniac – cutting though lanes, squeezing between cars in NYC traffic, pressing just a little harder on that accelerator. In the process, I cut off one of our associate pastors who was watching all this and laughing hysterically with his 17 year old in the car! They had just heard me preach my magnificent message on “Rest: Learning from Jesus.” When he retold the story at our staff meeting, I thought to myself, “Is he talking about me?” Everyone was hysterical laughing. Then, of course, my memory was jolted and I realized it was me. He wasn’t exaggerating. I laughed with them but I was embarrassed. I knew God was speaking to me. I am making progress in listening to God’s deeper rhythms and in making better decisions to live a “whole” life. Nonetheless, I have blind spots and areas to which God needs access. Thank God for others who help us see truth, in all of its forms. It hurts but it is the indispensable for growth. Slowly, I am realizing how very difficult, uncomfortable and challenging it is, both for me and others, to live a truly slowed down life with Jesus. Old habits die very, very slowly.

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