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Redefining Success When the Numbers Fall Flat

A new Barna report shows that church attendance is down 30-40% since the beginning of COVID-19. Also, half of practicing Christian millennials are not viewing services online. In just a few months, all of our normal ministry metrics have changed. Leaders are wondering how to measure success for this brand new landscape we have entered. In today’s podcast, I offer a few ways for us to reframe “success” that will serve us well as we continue our journey through the unknown.

Why Leaders Need More than a “Quiet Time” Pt. 2

Does the way you spend time with Jesus actually transform your life? Back in June, I released the first part of today’s topic, making a case that leaders must dramatically change the way we approach our devotional life with Jesus. Many evangelicals start their day with a “quiet time”. However, most leaders would agree that this practice does very little to sustain us amidst the mounting pressures and challenges of our day. In today’s podcast, I recommend a new way forward. I’ll share with you four keys that will breathe life back into your devotions.

Four Words to Anchor Your Leadership in the Wilderness of Uncertainty

How we do lead others for Jesus when the world around us continues to change at a speed that makes it nearly impossible for us to keep up?  This week’s podcast focuses on how we can stay anchored in God and ourselves in the midst of such continued uncertainty. Unless we find solid ground on which to stand, it will be nearly impossible for us to help others who are struggling to find their footing in the midst of storms.

God’s Revelation that Burns Through Racism: Part 2

Is your vision of the church the same as God’s? One reason why racial injustice still exists in the church today is that many Christians do not share Jesus’ vision for His church. Building on last week’s podcast theme, today’s episode features a deeper exploration of the church as described in Ephesians 3:1-13. We must be gripped by God’s design for the church to be one body that spans race, culture, gender, and class. It’s only this kind of church that has the power to display the wisdom of God and declare to powers and principalities that Jesus is Lord.

God’s Revelation that Burns Through Racism: Part 1

If we want to see real, long-term change with racial injustice, our passion must be undergirded by a robust theology. We must be gripped by a gospel revelation that goes deep into our core. This is the only thing strong enough to carry us beyond momentary passion and protests. Today’s podcast features part one of a time-tested sermon in which Pete explores God’s plan to create a new international family. Exploring Ephesians 2:1-11, we are introduced to God’s vision for the church – a revelation so powerful that it dismantles complacency and burns through the sin of racism.  

Declaring God Wins When It Appears He is Losing

 In this podcast I address one of the most important tasks before us as leaders – declaring the certainty of God’s future in the face of the multiple crisis facing our people, our nations, and our churches. Jeremiah had a fifty to sixty-year ministry during multiple times in his day – from the failed invasion of the Assyrians, to the total destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, to Israel’s exile in Egypt and Babylon. Jeremiah could see through the sham of their external conformity to God’s ways without a deep internal change of heart. He also saw through the false priests and prophets who told the king what he wanted to hear and filled people with a false optimism about the future. He preached judgment for their sin and great hope– that God wins even when it appears he is losing. God has a plan and never stop doing good to his people,. Read more.