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Becoming a More Differentiated Leader: Part 2 – EH Leader Podcast

Posted on June 12th, 2018

Growing in differentiation is hard. The only thing harder, at least in the long-run, is not doing that hard work.

Differentiation, as I talked about in Part 1, involves remaining connected to people and yet not having your reaction or behaviors determined by them. Our primary task, like Jesus, is to calmly differentiate our true self from the demands and voices around us, discerning the vision, pace, and mission the Father has uniquely given us.

In this podcast I talk about four practical truths that can help us make the radical transition of dismantling our false self in order to lead faithfully out of our true self in Christ:

  1. Paying attention to our interiors in silence and solitude
  2. Finding trusted companions
  3. Moving out of our comfort zone
  4. Praying for courage

Join me in this journey. And you’ll discover the fruit of growing into a more differentiated self. You will find that you’ll be less worried about what other people think. Your goals will become clearer. You’ll think more clearly. Your relationships will become better, cleaner, and more authentic. The people you lead will get unstuck and mature with you. Your physical health will improve. You’ll be better able to take a well thought-out position without becoming adversarial. And much more.



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