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As Goes Your Marriage, So Goes Your Church

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Lead Out of Your Marriage or Singleness – EH Leader Podcast

This week’s podcast explores the second pillar of building a deep inner life out of which we lead for Jesus – lead out of your marriage or singleness. The default thinking about marriage and singleness in most churches goes something like this: A leader’s highest priority is to build an effective and successful ministry to reveal Jesus’ love to the world. Marriage or singleness is important, but secondary. A leader’s oneness with Jesus is separate from his or her connection to a spouse (if married) or close friends and family (if single). Leaders need to get as much training and equipping as possible to improve their leadership skills. Training and equipping for marriage or singleness is primarily for when you have problems or a crisis. I begin the podcast by summarizing the material found in The Emotionally Healthy Leader, reviewing briefly a theology of marriage/singleness as a sign and wonder that bears witness to. Read more.

New Podcast: Leading Out of Your Marriage or Singleness

What is leading out of your marriage or singleness? In this month’s Emotionally Healthy Leadership podcast Rich Villodas and Pete Scazzero continue the conversation around this core leadership theme in Pete’s new book: The Emotionally Healthy Leader. We hope you will take 15 minutes to view and consider sharing it with other leaders. Click the image below to watch the conversation on YouTube.    

Lead Out of Your Singleness

For the first 1500 years of the church, singleness was considered the preferred state; it was considered the best way to serve Christ if you were a leader. Singles sat in the front of the church. Marrieds were sent to the back. After the Reformation in 1517 AD, single people were sent to the back and marrieds moved to the front – at least among Protestants. Yet the New Testament describes, and deeply affirms, two types of Christian singles. The first is a vowed celibacy, for those who “renounce marriage because of the kingdom of heaven.” They freely choose not to marry but to set themselves apart in a total, exclusive and lifelong gift to Christ and His church. A very few are invited to receive this grace and gift from him (Matt. 19:11-12). The vast majority of Christian single leaders fall into the category of dedicated celibates. This term encompasses a broad range. Read more.

Leading Out of Your Singleness

In this month’s podcast, Pete and Rich offer a unique, historical, and theological perspective on the critically important issue of singleness and leadership. Enjoy this challenging podcast on one of the most important topics for the global church today. (A previous podcast treats the theme “Leading Out of Your Marriage“).    

Marriage, Singleness and Spirituality

This weekend Geri and I are leading a retreat for 16 couples in NJ. It is the fruit of over 12  years of thinking about a theology of sexuality, marriage and spirituality. We limited the retreat purposefully and spent an inordinate amount of time creating a one and a half day experience in Scripture, small groups, time alone with God and emotionally healthy skills.  It will be the first of 2 parts that we hope to make more permanent a part of NLF culture for all marrieds. It was a challenge for me to clear my life the last two weeks in preparation. I find myself easily pulled into larger, more “grandiose ministry”. God used her groundedness and this weekend to pull me down to earth (humus-humility) about what is really important. That is integrity in our spiritual lives and vocations — whether we are single or married. Paul makes clear that if we are skimming on. Read more.

Leadership Blindspot Part 4: A Wrong View Of Success – EH Leader Podcast

I approached the podcast this week as if we were sitting across the table from one another and you asked the question, “Well Pete, how do you measure success in your own leadership and how might that be different from the way I’m measuring it today?” Here are the nine points I share as a response to that very important question: Success is Remaining in communion with Jesus throughout each day. Success is Embracing the Season God has me in – be it Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer. Success is Resisting Temptations of the Evil One, i.e. demonic powers. “This is the great work of a man: always to take the blame for his own sins before God and to expect temptation till the last breath.” Anthony the Great Success is Trusting Jesus.  Our work is to “be trusting in (i.e. relaxing in) the One he has sent” (John 6:29). Success is Living as a Sign. Read more.