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Is the EH Discipleship Summit Right for You?

Dear Leader, You are probably wondering whether the 2018 Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Summit is right for you, your team and your church. You may be wondering if it makes sense to set aside the time and resources to attend. Click the image below to find out why the EH Discipleship Summit is right for you. There’s still time to complete the prerequisites and join us: You complete a review of the content of The EH Spirituality Course and The EH Relationships Course Your ministry has done The EH Spirituality or The EH Relationships Course or plans to do them in in the next year You attend a Live Stream Training Event on how to lead the Courses Take these 3 steps to complete the prerequisites: Buy the EH Discipleship Course Leaders Kit Go through the Leaders Kit content on your own or with someone Attend a Training Event or Download the Training on Demand. Read more.

#EHLeader Cheat Sheet

Geri and I realize that certain “one-liners” have emerged over the years as we (and others) teach emotionally healthy spirituality. They are helpful in providing anchors as we lead others into a deep, beneath the surface spirituality that transforms people who transform the world. Take a look. Eva, my 20 year old daughter, refers to it as a “cheat sheet.” It is not possible to be spiritually mature while remaining emotionally immature. Our being with God must be sufficient to sustain our doing for God. Jesus may be in your heart, but grandpa is in your bones. There is a big difference between being “in the world for God and being in God for the world” We cannot give what we do not possess. You don’t have to keep Sabbath; you get to keep Sabbath. There are no boundary breakers, only boundary makers. When we overfunction, doing for others what they can and should. Read more.

Go Slowly. Study Deeply. The EH Leader Study Guide.

I wrote The Emotionally Healthy Leader slowly – very slowly. Like good wine, it aged over an eight-year period. During that time I carefully chronicled my mistakes, my struggles, my successes, and my new learnings of applying EHS to the building of a growing church, organization, and team. After twenty years of leading at New Life, I grew tired of relying on unmodified business practices to navigate key leadership tasks. I discovered that simply grafting secular branches into our spiritual root system often caused us to bear the wrong kind of fruit. The Emotionally Healthy Leader breaks new ground in practically applying a deep inner life with Jesus to key leadership tasks as planning, team building, boundaries, endings, and new beginnings. It offers the opportunity to revolutionize the way we lead others. To actually make such a paradigm shift, however, requires we create space to wrestle with the content. For this reason, I dedicated. Read more.

Leadership that Remembers “The Loaves”

The only miracle, except for the resurrection, that is recorded in the 4 gospels is Jesus’ multiplying of the loaves and fishes. Why? The truths contained there are so vast and far-reaching. In Jesus’ mentoring of the Twelve, he returns to it multiple times to teach them about mature leadership. “Why are you talking about having no bread? Do you not see or understand? Are your hearts hardened?”(Mark 8:17 MATURE LEADERSHIP… IMMATURE LEADERSHIP…. 1. Redefines abundance as the presence of Jesus Himself 1. Defines abundance by considering only visible resources. 2. Sees beneath other’s anxiety and fear to the deeper work God is doing in and around them. 2. Gets entangled in other’s anxiety, fear or negativity. 3. Responds to the situation according to his values and beliefs (integrity). 3. Responds to the pressure of others and accommodates them. 4. Courageously does what is best for everyone despite other’s lack of support and validation.. Read more.

Measuring “Success”

Measuring ministry impact with numbers is biblical. The book of Acts uses numbers to describe the impact of the gospel — about 3,000 baptized (Acts 2:41), about 5,000 believers (Acts 4:4), crowds coming to faith (Acts 5:14). We have a whole book in the Bible called Numbers. So, in the context of the church, it is good to measure things like attendance, baptisms, membership, number of small groups, and financial giving. The problem comes when that is all we measure. Measuring deep, beneath the surface transformation in people’s lives is also critically important – if not more important. (Consider Paul, Gal. 4:19, Jesus mentoring the 12). The specifics of these internal markers will differ from ministry to ministry and from context to context. The following are several examples we set to measure at New Life Fellowship Church: Each leader at New Life will develop his or her relationship with God by spending ten to. Read more.

Looking for God in Our Limits

Our limits are often the last place we look for God. But when we fail to look for God in our limits, we simply bypass Him. In the last three weeks, God has limited me through a bicycle accident that required surgery (breaking my right wrist and dislocating my left elbow) and through personal identity theft (where my banking, credit cards, and online accounts were all compromised). These limits have revealed to me, once again, the condition of my own heart and the challenge it is for me to surrender in trust to Him. O how easy it is to rebel against God right in the midst of my work for Him! I have been reminded of Robert Barron’s insight that the heart of original sin in the Garden of Eden was their refusal to accept God’s limits and not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Gen. 2:15-17). John. Read more.