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Tag Archives: Proverbs


If I were to identify the number one error I have committed more than any other as a pastor the last twenty years, I would have to talk about imprudence.  Proverbs is filled with teaching to cultivate this very rare virtue.  I have rushed, reacted, failed to ponder implications of decisions, spoken when it was best to be silent, moved out of anxiety instead of stilling my own soul.   I recently studied every verse in Proverbs about prudence and speech. It was both edifying and sobering. The following are a sampling I shared at a recent NLF staff meeting. I commend them to you for your prayerful meditation:     The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways -Prov. 14:8  A simple man believes anything,          but a prudent man gives thought to his steps.-Prov. 14:15  The discerning heart seeks knowledge,    but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.  -Prov. 15:14  The heart of the. Read more.

Learning to Lead: Part 2

“If there aren’t specific goals and steps to follow in sequence,  there won’t be a goal, only a wish.”  Michael Yapko         My greatest growing edge in both maturity and spirituality (as if they could be separated) revolves around thinking. Yes – thinking and not following my emotions as I lead NLF, parent, and make decisions.          This is, I am finding, easy to understand, but quite challenging to do. It takes time, prudence, patience, and character especially if it is done prayerfully and before the Lord. Proverbs is full of insight on this. It is the sacred, holy work of leadership.         Few do it well. It is not simply a skill but a level of character that is required so that I can do appropriate introspection as to motives and past material in my life that is impacting the present. It all comes out in the pressure cooker of leadership.           For example, as. Read more.