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(Here are some very helpful words from a mentor of my husband’s.) There are simply times in life where new things hit us, and we feel completely overwhelmed. Here are some suggestions for moving beyond overwhelmed: 1. STOP … recognize it … admit it, “What am I feeling? … Overwhelmed!” 2. ASK … “Am I tired?” … Vince Lombardi — “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” 3. UPDATE / CREATE my “Life Milestones List” * Remembering past accomplishment brings a sense of deep encouragement 4. SHIFT my focus from “What I lack to what I have” * Moving from negative to positive 5. UPDATE my … Visual Perspective Chart to Re-focus my thinking * Visual Perspective Chart … a sheet of paper with an icon of you in the center … and all of the pieces swirling around in your head somewhere on the sheet … this gives you a visual picture of all. Read more.

Leadership: Doing What is Required

“Sometimes our best is not enough. We have to do what is required.” Winston Churchill Bob Biehl quoted these words to me after listening to my complaint about the detailed, administrative, technical chores that were before me as a leader. I wanted to write, create, preach and train. Hadn’t I been doing these things for the last 26 years? James March, a former professor on international management at Stanford University, says there are two essential dimensions of leadership: plumbing and poetry. Plumbing refers to the management, i.e. things like fixing the faucet in the bathroom, that are repetitive and often unpleasant. Poetry is the imagination and innovation, the art that most people call ‘leadership.’ “No organizations work if the toilets don’t work,” March argues. Yes, we want to be faithful to our God-given life. At the same time, leadership is servanthood. There are no exemptions from that. “Sometimes our best is not enough. We. Read more.