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Opportunity for Network Leaders

Our commitment at EHD is to resource church leaders with excellent, high-quality resources to make mature disciples who grow into mothers and fathers of the faith. At the same time, we aim to multiply ourselves in men and women with a God-given call and passion to bring EH Discipleship to their movement, denomination, cluster of churches, and educational/training institutions (e.g. seminaries, colleges, training institutes).

If that applies to you, we invite you to complete and submit the form below and share with us: 1. Your vision and passion; 2. Your ministry context; and 3. Your level of contact with EH Discipleship via books/Courses/resources.

Our team is lean and small. So, if we sense you, and your ministry, might be a right fit for future, invitation-only, EHD training opportunities, someone from our staff will contact you for a further conversation.

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