5 Top Tips to an Extraordinary Marriage

Free webinar w/ Pete Scazzero

May 30th, 2017 @ 2 PM EST

Only 1% of Church Leaders say...
"churches are doing very well in discipling new and young believers."
- The state of Discipleship; A Barna Report 2015
Answering the Discipleship Crisis
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How to Lead the Emotionally Healthy (EH) Spirituality Course |
Thursday, July 20 @ 1 PM

A Practical Training Day for Pastors and Discipleship Leaders
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How to Lead the Emotionally Healthy (EH) Relationships Course

Discipleship That Deeply Changes Lives // A Live Stream Event with Pete Scazzero June 29th, 2017 1pm-4pm EST

Discipleship that Deeply Changes Lives

The EH Spiritualty Course

Discipleship that deeply changes your relationship with God

EH Relationships Course

Discipleship that deeply changes your relationships with others

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