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What Makes this Course So Transformational?

With over 20 years of development and refining with 1000’s of churches worldwide, this proven discipleship course uniquely combines the essential elements of discipleship in two parts:

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Pt. 1) to deeply change your relationships with God

Emotionally Healthy Relationships (Pt. 2) to deeply change your relationships with others

Both parts of the course (8 sessions each) have been re-filmed, updated, and expanded to help churches worldwide unleash a disciple-making revolution. 

What’s in the Free Course Preview?
  • SESSION 1: EH Spirituality (Pt. 1) | The Problem of Emotionally Unhealthy Spirituality (19:12)
  • SESSION 1: EH Relationships (Pt. 2) | Take Your Community Temperature Reading (30:52)
  • Printable version of Session 1 from each workbook

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