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Why You Need More Than a “Quiet Time”: Part 1

Posted on June 1st, 2020

In this podcast, I introduce the elements of one way to move from traditional devotions to transformative devotions through the integration of the practice of the Daily Office. In particular, I focus on the four elements of this ancient treasure that utterly transformed my spiritual life:

  • Rhythms
  • Silence
  • Focus on Communion
  • Flexibility/Freedom

I focus on only the first two in this podcast – rhythms and silence. I begin by offering tips to get started on developing a rhythm of stopping to be with Jesus each day. I then do the same with silence, sharing ideas on how to be still before the Lord – be it for two minutes or twenty.

Persevering in the practice of silence and stillness as core to your time with God, however, is incredibly challenging – especially in the beginning. So, I close with ten reasons to encourage you to persevere and to not quit. They are:

  1. We know God in ways that can only happen in silence (See Ps. 46:10)
  2. We mature in our relationship with Jesus beyond our feelings.
  3. We learn to listen to God in all of life
  4. We relax, slow down and “soften.”
  5. We are transformed into Christ’s image. Our old self dies and our new self in Christ comes forth.
  6. We grow in love and compassion for others.
  7. We slowly listen more and talk less.
  8. We are less in a hurry to get things done, fix people, and run after the next spiritual gimmick.
  9. We are able to identify and expose the idols both in and around us.
  10. We are infused with a new level of courage to follow Jesus into the unknown.



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