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Why We Need the Enormous Power of Jesus More Than Ever

Posted on August 17th, 2021

Every day, we face new and great challenges all around the world.

Just this week, we’ve learned about the tragic loss of life in Haiti and the hostile Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. It’s all shocking and heart-rending. Like you, we pray for and grieve with our global family.

And yes, these events, added to the devasting realities of the pandemic can feel overwhelming. This is all a reminder that our own strength is insufficient in order to face these tragedies. Today, we need the power of Jesus more than ever.

This is one of the unexpected gifts of this last season. Cascading crises all around the world have exposed our fragility and thrust us into deeper dependence on Jesus.

In today’s episode, I offer encouragement by drawing attention to the enormous power of Jesus in the face of evil.

Mark chapter 5 offers us the most graphic story in all of the New Testament. In this story, Jesus confronts a man filled with a legion of demons. And in Jesus’ presence, this man is freed and restored to his right mind.

This kind of power is available to us all in Christ.

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