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Get Trained to Run the EHD Course in Your Church.

A Pathway to Change the Culture of Your Church

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Sabbath: 4 Countercultural Practices to Start and Keep a Biblical Sabbath

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Get training to launch the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship course and deeply change the culture of your church.

Level 1 Training

Mastering the Launch of the EH Discipleship Course

The goal of Level One training is to give you all the tools and training you need to successfully pilot the course in your church or ministry. With 11 instructional videos from Pete & Geri Scazzero and downloadable toolkits, your team will feel confident as you launch the course for the first time.

Level 2 Training

Deepening the Culture of EH Discipleship (COMING SOON)

The goal of Level Two training is to expand upon the foundation of the EH Discipleship Course and take these life-changing principles much deeper into the lives of you and your team. This is how your church culture will be completely transformed.

Catch the Vision for a New Kind of Discipleship

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, by Pete Scazzero casts vision and lays a biblical framework for why our discipleship must shift in the 21st century. This book is the perfect supplemental resource for leaders launching the EH Discipleship Course for the first time.