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Trusting in the Wonder of Resurrection – EH Leader Podcast

Posted on September 3rd, 2019

What is the greatest obstacle that you are facing today?

In this podcast, I talk about moving beyond an intellectual belief in the resurrection of Jesus to a practical trust that transforms our obstacles into gifts. Each of us encounters storms and circumstances we cannot overcome. That is the normal Christian life. Why? It is one major way God transforms us and reveals himself to the world.

In a famous passage in John 11, we look at Mary’s struggle to trust Jesus after Lazarus’ death.  Jesus had delayed his coming two days. By the time he arrives, Lazarus, her brother, has been dead four days! While rabbis taught that a soul lingered for three days after a person died, on the fourth day it was considered gone permanently. In other words, there was no hope in this situation.

Into this situation Jesus asks Mary a question: Did I not tell you that if you trust, you will see the glory of God? (John 11:40). He asks us the same question today.

My prayer is that this podcast will encourage you to stay with Jesus in your worst moments, trusting that what appears to be a catastrophe often becomes the foundation of a great life and work. We can’t learn to trust Jesus through someone else’s experience. It must become our own. But God uses powerful biblical stories like the raising of Lazarus to empower us to trust him – even when everything seems lost.



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