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Many of us are eager to develop our relationship with God,  The problem, however, is that we can’t seem to stop long enough to be with him. And if we aren’t busy, we feel guilty that we are wasting time and not being productive.

God is offering us a way to deeply root our lives in him.  This can be found in two ancient disciplines going back thousands of years – the Daily Office and Sabbath.  When placed inside present-day Christianity, the Daily Office and Sabbath are groundbreaking, countercultural acts that go against the grain of our fast-paced Western culture.

Here are several stories of live change through practicing Sabbath.

Sabbath FAQs

Sabbath Booklet – “Lent 2010: Receive the Gift of Sabbath” by Pastor Pete Scazzero (excerpted from Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Zondervan 2006).   Download PDF

The Revolutionary Act of Sabbath-Keeping– a 2006 four part sermon series by Pete Scazzero Download PDF

Part 1 – Stopping for the Gift of Sabbath

Part 2 – Resting on the Sabbath

Part 3 – Delighting on the Sabbath

Part 4 – Contemplating on the Sabbath

Jewish Sabbath Prayers   from Sabbath Keeping by Lynn M. Baab
Download PDF


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