Disciple People in the Age of “Social Distancing”

How to Run the EHD Course Online During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Course Sessions available for streaming/download at no cost with your EHD Leader's Kit purchase

Run the EHD Course Online

Get Everything You Need To Run the Course
Step #1

Get Trained

Unlock Free Online Course Training and Tools in the Leaders Resource Vault.

  • Download the Course Planning Toolkit
  • Experience Sessions from the EH Discipleship Course
  • Discover the Five “Musts” for a Successful Launch
  • Avoid Five Pitfalls When Launching the Course
  • Design a Plan to Pilot the Course
Step #2

Buy the Kit

The EH Discipleship Course Leader's Kit includes all the books and DVDs you need for the Course.

  • The Best-Selling Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Book & Course Workbook
  • The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day Book
  • The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course DVD
  • The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Course Workbook
  • The Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day by Day Book
  • The Emotionally Healthy Relationships DVD
  • Access to Stream the Course Session Videos On-Line
Step #3

Launch the Course

Access Additional Tools and Resources As You Prepare to Run the Course.

  • Unlock free online course training and tools in the Leaders Resource Vault
  • Discover How to Run the Course Completely On-Line
  • Get 60-Minute Private Course Coaching Session (Available in the US & Canada Only)
  • Access to Live Online Q&A Sessions with Pete Scazzero
  • Network with other Church Leaders in an EH Discipleship Private Facebook Group