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The Leader's Marriage:
As Goes Your Marriage So Goes Your Church
A Livestream Workshop with Pete & Geri Scazzero
December 3, 2020 | 11am - 3:00pm ET

What’s possible at The Leader’s Marriage workshop?

Discover why your sex life affects your church
Begin to see your marriage as a sign and wonder of Christ
Get new tools to listen and communicate

Did you know your marriage is the foundation of your entire church?

Are you spending your best energy reacting to ministry demands?
Has communication with your spouse suffered?
Do you need a marriage “reset” after a tough season?

Learn to lead out of your marriage for the flourishing of your church

The Leader's Marriage workshop is a chance for you to invest in your church or ministry by strengthening your marriage.

  • Time-tested marriage lessons from Pete & Geri Scazzero
  • Experiential and practical learning that goes beyond theory
  • A marriage retreat without travel expenses
  • Biblical theology for a passionate marriage and sexuality

Ready to deepen your marriage?

Register for the livestream workshop
Watch with your spouse
Strengthen your marriage and church

Meet Pete & Geri Scazzero

Pete Scazzero, after leading New Life Fellowship Church for 26 years, co-founded Emotionally Healthy Discipleship with his wife Geri, a groundbreaking ministry that moves the church forward by slowing the church down in order to multiply deeply changed leaders and disciples.

Pete hosts the top-ranked Emotionally Healthy Leader podcast and is the author of a number of bestselling books, including The Emotionally Healthy Leader and Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. Geri is the author of the best-selling The Emotionally Healthy Woman, The Emotionally Healthy Woman Workbook/DVD. Pete and his wife Geri also developed The Emotionally Healthy Discipleship Course (Part 1 and 2), a powerful resource that moves people from a shallow to a deep relationship with Jesus. Pete and Geri remain vital members of New Life.

As Goes Your Marriage, So Goes Your Church