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Moving Toward The Burning Bush

Posted on September 8th, 2020

Do you ever daydream about living someone else’s life?

In times of sustained pressure (like the one we are in), it’s easy to wish things were different.

It was the same for Moses.

When God called Moses to liberate the people of Israel, there were many obstacles before him. He was a murderer. He was too old. He was alone. It had been 400 years since Israel had been taken into captivity. Who was he to get the job done?

But when God appeared to him in the burning bush, Moses moved toward the bush, not away from it.

In today’s episode, we dive into the story of Moses and explore the excuses that could have kept him from responding to God’s call on His life.

If you are a pastor or leader wishing your circumstances were different than what they are, this episode is for you.

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