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Expand your theology and practice in our 4-hour MASTERCLASS with Pete Scazzero and Drew Hyun


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Emotionally Healthy Discipleship
with Pete Scazzero & Drew Hyun
A 4-hour online class, expanding on the robust theology of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.
January 25, 2023 12pm – 4pm ET

Are you ready
to go beyond the book?

This MASTERCLASS is for students who are serious about expanding upon and teaching the content of the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship book.

Through in-depth lectures, breakout sessions, and practical case studies, Pete Scazzero and Drew Hyun will bring to life the pages of the book, allowing deeper transformation in your life and leadership.

In this interactive 4-hour class, students will discover:

  • The State of the Church and the New Scorecard for Success
  • How to Flourish Under Unrelenting Pressure and Change
  • Real Life Case Studies Submitted by Students that Integrate Biblical Principles into Practice
  • Questions and Answers with Pete and Drew
  • Next Steps for You, Your Team and Your Ministry

Ground your learning with real case studies

This MASTERCLASS is more than theory. Our goal is to make practical applications to your specific leadership challenges. During the class we will review several case studies, submitted by students, so we can learn and grow in wisdom together. To protect your privacy, each case study will be anonymous.

What’s a case study?


Early Bird Registration | $149 through December 31st. $199 starting January 1st

Who is this
MASTERCLASS designed for?

Hint: It's not another webinar.

This MASTERCLASS is for leaders committed to building a biblical and historical framework, to apply and teach EHD in their ministry context, and to lead other leaders in the same exploration.

  • - Pastors
  • - Teachers
  • - Ministry Leaders
  • - Elders & Overseers
  • - Theologians
  • - Network Leaders

Meet your instructors

Pete Scazzero has spent over 26 years thinking, studying, writing, and researching Emotionally Healthy Discipleship around the world. Pete is the world’s recognized expert on the integration of spirituality and emotional health. His books are used around the world in seminaries and academic institutions such as Harvard Divinity School, Asian Theological Seminary, and Fuller Theological Seminary.

Drew Hyun spearheads Leadership Development for Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. In addition, Drew is the Founder and Pastor of Hope Midtown, as well as the Founding Pastor of Hope Church NYC, a family of diverse churches in and around NYC. Drew is also the Co-Founder of the New City Network, a network of urban churches that value multi-ethnicity, Spirit-filled ministry, emotional health, and mission.

What is Required of Students?

  1. Read the entire Emotionally Healthy Discipleship book.
  2. Meet with your team (or 2-5 others) and go through the EH Discipleship Discussion Guide.
  3. Take the EH Discipleship Personal Assessment (15 Minutes)
  4. After registration, submit one case study with a challenge you are facing in your ministry context.