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Making Space for New Births

Posted on December 24th, 2019

When I preached the message of this podcast a number of years ago, I introduced it by saying it was one of the most important messages I had ever preached! A bit melodramatic, to be sure, but it captures the impact on my own life around the powerful spiritual truth found in the story of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth in Luke 1:39-56. The miracle of the Incarnation, the birth of God in the world, is also a reality we are to live into – i.e. receiving the new things He is birthing in and through us day by day.

Let me invite you to ponder the painting below,  The Visitation, by He Qi , and his capturing of the great story in Luke 1:39-56.

First, notice Mary’s right arm protecting her womb. She knows God is birthing a precious gift inside her. She thus makes a three-month visit to Elizabeth’s house after she becomes pregnant, seeking support and encouragement for this new thing God is doing in her that is about to change the trajectory of her life.

What new thing might God be birthing in you that you need to protect? Who might be a companion, a peer, a godly friend, or a spiritual director able to be an Elizabeth to you as you seek to respond to Jesus?

Secondly, notice Elizabeth giving undivided attention to Mary. Elizabeth stops what she is doing. She lays aside her own concerns. The rest of the world stands still, and her focus is on Mary.

I don’t have the ability to listen to everyone’s story. But the question is who are the people God is bringing into my life this week so that I can be their Elizabeth?

This podcast will challenge you and invite you to slow down to listen to Jesus, not simply for this Christmas season, but throughout the year.


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