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Six Marks of a Church

Culture That Deeply Changes Lives

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Six Marks of a Church Culture


Level 2

Creating a Culture for Total Church Transformation

A 2-day immersive training experience that lays the foundation for a beneath-the-surface discipleship that transforms every area of how the church does her mission. With Pete and Geri Scazzero | May 15 – 16, 2019 at New Life Fellowship in Queens, NY


You Can Expect to:
  • Deepen your own discipleship in Jesus.
  • Be equipped in the biblical foundations to sustain a discipleship-making culture.
  • Learn to train Table Leaders who make disciples.
  • Master the essentials of Part 1 and Part 2 in the Course.
  • Network with leaders doing best practices with EH Discipleship.

This is a high-level training conference for Point Leaders and their teams who are leading The EH Discipleship Course in their church/ministries.

Prerequisites to be Completed before You Arrive:
  • Attend the Level 1 Training “Master the Launch of the EH Discipleship Course”.
  • You have been through the EH Spirituality and the EH Relationships Course.
  • Your church or ministry has a plan to continue the Course in the next year.
  • Arrive with your own Ladder of Integrity and Genogram completed from the EH Relationships Course – Session 3 and 7.

Training Schedule

May 15 9AM - 5PM
Session 1
Leading Your People to Follow the Crucified Jesus: Part 1 & 2

Jesus’ discipleship of the Twelve in the 1st century contrasts sharply with the 21st century Western church. Pete will lay out the four biblical distinctives of Jesus’ disciple-making that we must embrace to transform the culture in our churches and multiply deeply changed disciples and leaders.

Session 2
Training High Quality Table Leaders : Part 1

The role of the Table Leader is indispensable for the life-on-life change that is the aim of The EH Discipleship Course. This session will equip you to train Table Leaders to embody the message of EHD. We will role play and practice the skills to navigate difficult situations and transform these moments to life-changing discipleship opportunities.

LUNCH: Network and connect with others for learning best practices.

Session 3
Training High Quality Table Leaders: Part 2
Session 4
Coaching the Genogram and The Ladder of Integrity to Deeply Change Lives

Two powerful, culture-shaping tools for your church culture are Genogram your Family and Climb the Ladder of Integrity. In this Session you will learn how to coach people, taking them deeper in their own discipleship in order to shape a mature, emotionally-healthy culture in your ministry. Each Level 2 participant is asked to bring their own completed Ladder of Integrity and Genogram to this Session. 

MAY 16 9AM – 5PM
Session 5
The Indispensibility of Silence and the Daily Office

A core element of The EH Spirituality and EH Relationships Course is the equipping of our people in the classic spiritual practices of silence, stillness and the Daily Office. This session will answer the question: How do we move our people into this massive shift in their relationship with Jesus so that they experience the power of the gospel, and its transformative effects, in their lives?

Session 6
Five Biblical Pillars Beneath the EH Spirituality Course

A robust theology undergirds EH Spirituality. In this Session, we will explore the integration of key biblical truths (e.g. the grace of God in the Gospel, the gift of limits, dark nights, grief and loss, our humanity) to create a transformative discipleship culture both in the Course – and beyond into our churches.

LUNCH: Network and connect with others for learning best practices.

Session 7
Being an Incarnational Presence

This Session will focus on how we can deepen Incarnational Listening as a core life skill in us, and in our Table Leaders. It is not our efforts or striving that change people but our presence, our be-ing in Jesus. We will do a deep dive into the practice of being present to people that lies behind The EH Discipleship Course.

Session 8
Point Leaders and Teams that Finish Strong

Teams that make disciples who make other disciples are rare in any church. In this Session, Pete will look at the core characteristics of EHD Teams that finish strongly and create a healthy culture in the larger church. We will also explore the common pitfalls effective teams avoid. The Training will conclude with each team making a “next-step” plan for themselves and their ministries.