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The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Study Discussion Guide

& Video Chapter Introductions

By Peter Scazzero

Congratulations! You are taking a large step forward to embark on a journey that has the potential to not only change your life but your entire ministry.

Transformation requires intentionality, prayer, and companions for the journey. I pray your group provides that kind of support for you as you take your next steps.

This discussion guide along with the chapter introductions will lead your team into the practical application of core concepts from The Emotionally Healthy Leader for your specific leadership context. Moreover, you will be invited to lay a solid foundation for a deep inner life with Jesus. Why? Without it, even our best leadership practices are only marginally effective.

My prayer is that, as you courageously set aside this time to be equipped, you will experience God’s love more profoundly and become the leader God intends you to be. And, in the process, may your team experience an infusion of the power of God for the sake of the world around you.

Blessings to you,