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Detachment: How God Births New Things In & Through You: Part 2

Posted on May 19th, 2020

In this podcast, I begin with the reminder that success is becoming the person God has called us to become and doing what God calls us to do. In other words, detaching from the outcomes and circumstances we want, and surrendering to God and his will, is success — regardless of where that takes us.

Most of us want the world to unfold in a certain way – clinging to things we love and resisting those we don’t like. Covid-19 has introduced us into a reality that highlights our attachments and invites us to a deep place of surrender. After contrasting Mary’s surrendered will with the apostle Peter and his self-will, I invite you to three things in this podcast:

  1. Integrate Silence/Stillness and Surrender as Core to Your Prayer Life. 
  2. Surrender to the “Dark ways of God” by Detaching from our Small Ideas of Him.
  1. Lead for Jesus out of a Deep Place of Surrender and Being with Him.

 We spend so much of our energy planning, thinking, worrying, and trying to stay ahead that we easily lose touch with God who lives deep within us. My prayer is that God will teach us all how to live in a place of true inner detachment where, as Eckhart says: our “spirit stands immovable in the face of everything that befalls it, whether it is good or bad, honor or disgrace, just as a broad mountain stands immovable in the face of a little breeze.”


Pete Scazzero

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