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Waiting on the Cross with Jesus

Posted on November 17th, 2020

For many, this has been a year of great loss. We’re learning, on a whole new level, what it means to “take up our cross” and follow Jesus. But in times when the cross is doing a deep work in our lives, we face three great temptations. We hurry through the cross. We distract ourselves from the cross. Or, we attempt to get down off the cross! In today’s podcast, I share a message from years ago that is especially important for leaders today. It’s about embracing the work of the cross so we can experience resurrection life.

Our world is living in between what was and what is to come. It is difficult to even know how to talk about where we are. In the U.S., we continue to grapple with the implications of a messy election while COVID-19 cases rage all around us. We know that God is on the throne, but we still feel stuck in the middle of two worlds. Living in this space is deeply uncomfortable. Most of us have learned to run from confusion, pain, and loss. But what if these moments are precisely where God wants to meet us? In today’s podcast, Pete addresses how we can live, lead, and meet God in the confusing-in-between.


Letting Go of Outcomes Without Giving Up Hope

Posted on November 3rd, 2020

Today is a seismic day in the life of our nation. Regardless of the results of this election, it is crucial that we are rooted in a broader understanding of what God is doing in this hour. But how can we not feel overwhelmed when we are confronted with evil on every side? In today’s podcast, Pete shares a sermon in which he explores Jesus’ parable of the wheat and tares. In this passage, Jesus reveals an astounding picture of how God intends to deal with the good and the evil – especially in the church.


Seeing God in the Eyes of Your Enemies

Posted on October 27th, 2020

Around the world, we’re all feeling the dramatic effects of the U.S. elections. This moment demands we grapple with the question, “How should I relate to those who think drastically different than I do?” We know the right answer is “to love”, but for many of us, it’s challenging to know how to love when the stakes are high. In today’s podcast, we learn an important lesson from Martin Buber, a well-known German-Jewish theologian who lived during WWI. From there, we’ll explore 3 questions for how we can know whether or not we are actually loving our enemies. Listen to the three questions here…

In today’s podcast, I conclude a three-part series on how Scripture invites us to live and lead in such deeply polarizing times. Throughout this series, we are exploring a total of six radical invitations. In part one, I explored the first two of these invitations, 1) surrendering everything & 2) embracing our limits. In part two, we continued by looking closely at 3) mastering the way of contentment & 4) remaining faithful regardless of outcomes. In today’s episode, we will examine our final two invitations, 5) choosing to love our enemies & 6) refusing to belittle other’s perspectives If you need anchor points to weather this political storm, then listen to today’s podcast.

We are in a political season like one we’ve never seen. Pastors and leaders feel the weight of responsibility to shepherd their churches through the intensity of this polarized moment. Not only this, but many people in our churches expect us to represent their political perspective from the pulpit. It doesn’t help that everyone feels like THEY are the ones hearing from God! In last week’s podcast, I explored how our overly-politicized climate is not different from when Jesus walked the earth. Today, I continue the conversation by offering the next two radical invitations from Scripture that will help leaders navigate this moment with health, wisdom, and maturity. If you need some anchor points to weather this political storm, then listen to today’s podcast.

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