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The world tells you to break through all of your limitations. But this thinking can be extremely destructive. Here’s why… God created you to live within limits. Both for your own well-being and to be reminded that you are not God. When we choose to ignore our limits, we hurt ourselves and others. John the Baptist, Paul, and Jesus all submitted to the limitations given to them by God. In today’s episode, we explore this 3rd mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, and invite you to embrace the God-given limits in your life.

Today, we continue our special book launch podcast series by addressing one of the most difficult paradigm shifts for those of us who live in the west. To Americanize Jesus is to follow him because he makes my life better and more enjoyable. This influence drives us to be popular, be great, be successful, and avoid suffering and failure. In this episode, we’ll distinguish the difference between American culture and our discipleship to Jesus.

Today, we celebrate the release of the long-anticipated book, Emotionally Healthy Discipleship! We’ve already received tremendous feedback from leaders all around the world and we look forward to hearing how the book resonates with you as well! In today’s podcast, I continue with the second part of our journey through the core principles of the book. I explore the first mark of emotionally healthy discipleship: Be Before You Do. Leaders around the world are facing tremendous pressure. Not only has the pandemic accelerated the rate of change, but our church models often reward what we DO for God more than our ability to BE with God. A person who practices being before doing operates from a place of emotional and spiritual fullness, deeply aware of themselves, others, and God. As a result, their being with God is sufficient to sustain their doing for God. In this episode, I give you the top ten indicators that will tell you if your doing has exceeded your being. It’s worth. Read more.

In one week, my new book Emotionally Healthy Discipleship will be available wherever you can buy books. In fact, if you pre-order now, you’ll receive several bonus resources to help you and your team dramatically shift your church culture. At the beginning of this book I address a fundamental question: Why have our discipleship efforts failed so significantly? Every pastor I know is working harder than ever, pouring their lives out for the gospel every day. Many are phenomenal in the pulpit and leading influential ministries. So why don’t we see more transformation in the people we lead? While the answer may be complex, I’ve identified four key failures in our traditional model of discipleship that keeps people stuck and unable to mature. Why is this important? Apart from a clear understanding of the depth of our situation, we will not stick with the long-term solution required to fully address the widespread damage these failures are causing in our. Read more.


There is a stunning vignette of Jesus in Mark 11. In a moment of anger, He overturns the tables of money changers in the temple. Out of everything on earth that could have angered Jesus, why would he display such zeal in the temple? Because the church is the most important institution in the world. Sadly, much like the moneychangers in the temple, the church has a tendency to add “barriers to entry” for the rest of the world. When this happens, we must allow Jesus to show what tables need to be turned over in our lives and churches. In today’s podcast, we go deeper into this passage and finish with two poignant questions that are a matter of life and death.

In order for deep change to take place in our lives, our THEOLOGY must be translated into PRACTICES. Our lives are only transformed when our biblical knowledge becomes a lived experience. That’s why for the last 25 years, my wife Geri and I have developed practical SKILLS that help us to better love God and others. Last week, I introduced a powerful skill called “Explore the Iceberg“, which is a tool that helps you explore and process your emotional life. In today’s podcast, I introduce you to another skill called “Climbing the Ladder of Integrity.” It’s easy to feel stuck, not knowing what to pray. This powerful skill will help you clarify complex thoughts, values, and desires and discover what God might be revealing to you.

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