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5 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid at Christmas

Posted on December 10th, 2019

What started out as a podcast planned around this title: “How Can a Pastor or Leader Flourish around Christmas?” evolved into a very different podcast about the leadership mistakes I made around Christmas. I allowed the pressure of the wider church culture, my own unresolved shadow issues, and my low-level of differentiation to make decisions that were not God’s best.

In this podcast, I share the five major mistakes I made. Sadly, it actually took me nineteen years to implement significant changes! The following are 5 leadership mistakes that I hope and pray you can avoid around Christmas so that your life and leadership might BE the message of Christmas:

1. I failed to put first things first.  I did not steward myself or my family well.

2I wasted time trying to live someone else’s life and ministry. I grew anxious as other churches thrived and flourished in their large Christmas events.

3I engaged in faulty thinking. Jesus taught and modeled that the ways of God are little and slow. Yet, I allowed myself to be seduced by the culture’s message of big and fast.

4. I didn’t say “No” strongly or clearly enough. The voices coming at me were loud. I needed time alone, and with Geri, to get clear on our limits.

5. I didn’t adjust my rhythms sufficiently. I may have taken the week between Christmas and the New Year to recharge, but I often “cheated” by doing work on sermons and long-range planning during that time. (Thus, it was not a real Sabbath). I also needed more time to compensate for how much life I had expended during the month of December.

I trust you will add to this list. Most importantly, I pray this podcast challenges you to courageously listen to the voice of Jesus about how he wants you to lead and serve others around Christmas.



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