What’s Your Plan for Discipleship in 2017?

Posted on January 5th, 2017

There are hundreds of discipleship programs out there. But only 1% of churches say their people are actually growing and experiencing transformation. You don’t need another program. Your people need to learn how to love God and love one another. It’s that simple.

For almost twenty-one years, we pioneered a discipleship model that we call Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS). It has been birthed out of a conviction that to bring Jesus to the world, we must make disciples who deeply love God and deeply love others. We have refined and made practical what we have discovered to be critical missing components of discipleship in our churches. And we have integrated them into two 8-week courses called The Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) Course and The Emotionally Healthy Relationships (EHR) Course.

First, let me invite you to a 1 hour free Webinar next Tuesday, January 10th, where I will explain this further so you can prayerfully consider if this might be God’s means for you to bring serious discipleship to your church and ministry.

Secondly, let me then invite you to my January 19th Live Stream Event, from 10 am-3 pm EST, where I will train you how to practically implement the two Courses in your local church. You will want to gather a group of 3 of your church leaders to really experience the content and flow of the EHS Course as I will model an actual session with you and your group as active participants. (Yes, I recognize that may not be possible for some of you, but we will have our EHS Coaches on-line to interact with you virtually.)

The greatest strength of The EHS Courses is they create space for our people to slow down enough to encounter and be transformed by Jesus. But make no mistake about it: This is a big solution to a very big problem. And, as you will see, it is more than a program. It is a lifestyle requiring that we as leaders are being deeply transformed first.

Join me. You will be glad you did.







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