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In August, the EHS small group curriculum will be released as The EHS Course with new covers, a new DVD, and a new name for the Daily Office book (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Day by Day).

EHS Course Materials

I am deeply passionate for the world to be transformed by Jesus.  In fact, I was known in my early years as an Inter-Varsity staff worker as an evangelism specialist and open-air speaker on university campuses.

Our mission at EHS is to equip the church in a deep, beneath-the-surface spirituality that transforms people who transform the world. Without spiritual transformation taking place in our people, our long-term mission for Christ will be severely limited.  To transform the world for Jesus, we need to be transformed by Him first.

What Alpha is for evangelism as a centralized course to introduce people to Jesus, EHS is for spiritual formation. The EHS Course will enable churches to embed transformational spiritual formation in their culture long-term and open the door to the larger paradigm of all that EHS offers.
The EHS Course is a serious course offered in a safe, comfortable environment that respects each person’s journey.
 It asks people to:

  1.  Leave a superficial, shallow spirituality.
  2. Open up their interior world so Christ can transform it.
  3. Develop their own personal relationship with Jesus and not live off other people’s spirituality.
  4. Read the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality book and meet with Jesus twice a day for 8 weeks through EHS Day by Day.

The EHS Course DVD’s are of such high quality (thanks Zondervan) that they alone are worth watching for an outstanding introduction to the key themes of EHS.

Let me invite you to our “Become an EHS Coordinator Training” this Sept. 17th at New Life Fellowship Church. The goal is to equip one, and/or a team of coordinators, for each church so they can embed the course into their church throughout the year.  Our hope is to offer the same training in other locations in North America this year.
Join us in praying for this very exciting launch!
Blessings –


  1. R. O. Ogbebor says:

    I stumbled into EHL conference in May 2014 on website and I immediately signed up to attend online. It was a life changing experience. Since then I have been on your website feeding on every free resource I can find. Having been a Christian for 20years, I have been made to believe that Christianity excludes everything emotions and to make matters worse I am married to an emotionally distant spouse who has been a church leader in one form or another. Though I know there is an element of lie to that belief system, I was so comforted and free when I attended the conference. I believe this knowledge is so lacking in our Christianity today. I would love to become an EHS coordinator to first help myself and also others. I look forward to when I will have an opportunity to become one. I live in Canada. Thank you for the work you are doing, it is indeed changing lives one after another. R.O

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