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The Massive Problem in the Church Few People Are Talking About

Over the past few years, I have become acutely aware of what may be one of the greatest problems confronting the church today: We have large numbers of people who enjoy attending church and small groups, love great worship, and serve in ministries, but do not have a personal relationship with Jesus. In a very real sense, they live the “Christian” life without Jesus. People need pastors, teachers and leaders like us to equip them. Yet if they connect to us without connecting in loving union (i.e. abiding/remaining) with Jesus, we are simply rearranging chairs on the Titanic. The churches’ effectiveness in bearing lasting fruit to impact our world for Christ will be short-lived. In this podcast I share my reflections on this massive problem and what we can do to equip our people to create space to allow God’s will and presence full access in every area of their lives. LISTEN HERE Join. Read more.

Measuring Success God’s Way – EHS Leadership Podcast

Measuring ministry impact is biblical. The question is how do we that? The world’s way is measuring only numbers. How many people attend? How many are in small groups? How many people are serving? While measuring numbers as one measure of success is biblical (we do see this in Scripture), when it is ALL we measure, it is unbiblical. (We also see this in Scripture e.g. Jesus, John the Baptist.) Success is first and foremost doing what God has asked us to do, doing it his way, and in his timing. Have you ever considered that your ministry, organization, or team may be growing and yet actually failing? Join me on this podcast with Rich Villodas on this very theme! Warmly, Pete LISTEN HERE   Space is limited. REGISTER TODAY! Save Save

Can You Be a Believer and Not a Disciple?—EHS Leadership Podcast

One of the great questions confronting the church today in the face of our growing secular culture is: Can you be a believer and not a disciple? In this podcast, I talk with Rich Villodas about this question and the challenges facing leaders today. How do we make disciples when people are already over-committed and busy? What can we do to address the many under-developed, stunted, nominal Christians filling our churches? Click below to listen and wrestle with us on what it will take to make disciples who are deeply transformed so we can change the world for Christ. LISTEN HERE Save Save Save Save Save

The Power of The Genogram in Building Healthy Teams

Building healthy leadership teams and cultures is one of the most important tasks we engage in as leaders. In this unique podcast, Pete and Rich share how understanding genograms has served as a powerful tool to create a healthy, transformational, team culture at New Life over the last twenty years. Click below to watch the video or the link to listen to the audio file. LISTEN HERE Save Save

New EH Leader Podcast: Clean Fighting in the Church

Nobody likes conflict. Nonetheless, conflict is a very real part of every leader’s ministry. Yet the illusion that “sweeping disagreements under the rug” is to follow Jesus continues to be one of the most destructive myths alive in the church today. We try to fix tension as quickly as possible. Like radioactive waste from a nuclear power plant, if not contained, we fear it might unleash terrible damage. In this podcast, Pete talks about how God intends every conflict to be a disciple-making and culture-shaping opportunity – both for us and those we serve. But it is not easy, revealing our level of self-awareness, our family of origin dynamics, and the depth of our loving union / identity in Christ. Listen in as Pete and Rich conclude with an example of Rich resolving a tension with another staff member, and how the tool, “Clean Fighting,” is regularly utilized to grow people up in maturity. Read more.

New EH Leader Podcast: Emotionally Healthy Hiring

Hiring is, perhaps, the most challenging tasks of leaders (be they paid or unpaid). Poor discernment in this area results in stalled momentum, lots of extra meetings, and, often, hurt relationships.  I am not an expert on hiring, but I have made plenty of costly mistakes over the years. In this podcast Rich and I begin by talking about “emotionally unhealthy hiring” and then move into the nuances of the 5 C’s  of hiring – competence, calling, connection, character, and culture. Click below to watch the video or the link to listen to the audio file. LISTEN HERE   A blog post on the 5 C’s of Emotionally Healthy Hiring is found HERE. Thanks. Pete @petescazzero


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