Geri Scazzero

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Geri Web ImageGeri is a popular conference speaker for church leaders, married couples, and women’s groups, both in North America and internationally.  She also serves as a chief innovator and visionary at New Life Fellowship Church in New York City on the intersection of marriage, sexuality, and spiritual formation.

Geri is the author of The Emotionally Healthy Woman and the best-selling Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Course and the Emotionally Healthy Skills 2.0 curriculum.  She has served on staff of New Life for the last twenty-seven years. Connect with Geri on Facebook (

Geri, along with her husband Pete, is the co-founder of Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, a groundbreaking ministry that equips churches in a deep, beneath-the-surface spiritual formation paradigm that integrates emotional health and contemplative spirituality.  Geri lives in New York City and has four lovely daughters.

Geri offers three life changing, interactive events:

Womens Groups, Leadership Teams, All Church Event

The purpose of this seminar is to equip you to take the next steps to launch into a powerfully transformed life as laid out in The Emotionally Healthy Woman (Zondervan 2013). This day will integrate practical skills to help you walk out a relationship of integrity with God, yourself and others. The goal is to slow you down for a fresh encounter with the living Jesus out of which you might embrace your unique, God-given life and freely love and serve others. Geri will delve into topics such as how to quit being afraid of what others think, how to quit dying to the wrong things, how to quit over-functioning and how to quit living someone else’s life. All participants are encouraged to read The Emotionally Healthy Woman (Zondervan 2013) before the seminar as we will build on this material to apply it to our lives, families and churches.[/wptabcontent]

EHS Skills Workshop or Seminar: (1/2 day, Full day, 1.5 days)

The Bible tells us that the greatest measure of spiritual maturity is our ability to love well (the greatest commandment and I Corinthian 13:3). Unfortunately none of us are born knowing how to love, and becoming a Christian doesn’t automatically make you a loving person. Emotionally Healthy Skills must be learned for healthy, loving relationships. For the past sixteen years, Geri, along with Pete, has been developing eight life-changing skills for churches around the world. In this seminar, Geri will lead you into what “loving your neighbor as yourself” looks like. You will have the opportunity to learn specific, life-changing tools that will transform you, your relationship with others and your relationship with God. You will increase your awareness of your God-given value and learn new language to build healthy relationships in your family, friendships, workplace and in the wider church culture. Ideally, this takes 16 hours of training, so it can be divided up accordingly (e.g. 4 half-days over 4-12 months).

Leading from Within Retreat

This is a contemplative experience that integrates the riches of silence and solitude, Scripture, Parker Palmer’s work with Circles of Trust, and emotional health. Geri has been pioneering this integration into NLF over a period of years and is now offering a one to one and a half day retreat for any group, especially staff/leadership teams of up to 100 people. If you are interested in either of these three events or related topics, please complete and submit a Speaker Request Form for review. We appreciate your patience as we receive many requests and try to give them all personal and prayerful consideration.

Speaking Information

Click Here to view the 2014 Speaking Itinerary for Pete and Geri Scazzero.

If you are interested in the events listed above or related topics, please complete and submit a Speaker Request Form for review. We appreciate your patience as we receive many requests and try to give them all personal and prayerful consideration.